We now have a waiting list!

We keep growing!! Which is fantastic news as we love new members and love to share our music making.  However it does create a couple of problems. Firstly we are getting to big to safely fit into the Baptist Church and it is often a little bit of a struggle to get all the seating set out so that we all fit in and can sit both in our preferred places in our sections but also with the people around who are familiar to us.  And secondly, we all need music and Jacquie and Gloria do a fantastic job in looking after our library and our register and ensuring that we all get the music we need and that music is given back in once we are finished with it.

So sadly we are having to introduce a waiting list for new members.  Please, please do email us if you are interested in joining as we are hoping that the waiting list won’t stop people from joining us and that you will get to join us in good time.  We are constantly reviewing our member list and will review places available and the waiting list regularly.


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