Our committee are a group of choir members who have volunteered to help with organising the choir.  As the choir pay £2.50 per session, the committee keep track of our weekly subscriptions and any proceeds from concerts and make sure they cover our outgoings such as hall hire, piano hire and purchase of music.  The committee also help with organising concerts and negotiating dates and joining up with local groups and charities to perform.

We have a feedback box which is brought to every choir meeting so that members can put ideas for songs or general ideas and questions for the committee’s attention.  We also have a portable notice-board which is stored at the Baptist Church and brought out and updated at every meeting.

We had our first Annual General Meeting in March 2013 and now have a ratified group constitution which means that we can apply for things like Charity status in the future which will help with things such as our insurance cover.

Our Committee are currently:

Musical Director Kathryn Ridgeway
Chair Jane Anderson
Secretary Linda Stickens
Treasurer Angela Guy
Member Representatives Suzanne Reid

Ray Colchin

Gloria Hickman

Heather Colchin

Jacquie Baker

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