Joining the Choir

In the beginning we were an open community choir and welcomed anyone to come along and join us including complete beginners, people who had never sung before and people who said they were rubbish and couldn’t sing. It really didn’t matter, the important thing was to have some fun, learn something a bit different and make new friends. The choir has gone from strength to strength and we currently have around 120 members who are registered with the choir. On a weekly basis we can have anything from 60 to 100 members at rehearsals and this in itself is proving to be a problem as we almost grow out of our rehearsal room in the Baptist Church.

So we have been having to think a little about our membership and how we handle outgoing members and new members. We now have to introduce a waiting list for new members so if you fancy joining us please do drop us an email at or ring Jane Anderson on 01732-521221 for a chat. We will pop you on the waiting list and review regularly for current members who are no longer regularly attending.

We meet on Tuesday evenings in the Baptist Church in West Malling from 7.15pm to 9pm and the cost is £2.50 per session (under 18’s are free.)

We have around 60-100 people at most rehearsals where we are led by our Music Director Kathryn Ridgeway and accompanied on the piano by Tania Dowd. Sometimes we warm up by singing a round and then we sing a number of new songs each term, usually for whichever concert is coming up next. We are given the music with the words on – so you don’t need to be able to read music but we found it actually helps to have the words on the music so that those who can read music can follow it, and those who can’t can gradually learn how to. Each section of the choir might be taken in turns through their part, often with it sung or played to us and we repeat it back. We then put it all together and quite often make sweet music. What often happens if that we’ve all forgotten it by the time we put it together and it is usually quite funny! We are all learning together about singing and music and how a choir fits together and it’s actually good fun.

For more information email us at

Ring Jane Anderson on 01732-521221
Or follow us on: facebook twitter

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